Dr Brian Sainsbury BDS (Adel)

Dr Nick Maxted BDS (Adel)

Dr Michael Previn BDS (Adel)

Dr Daniel Kennedy BDS (Adel)

About Salisbury Dental Care

Salisbury Dental Care is a modern, professional dental practice and we pride ourselves on providing personalised dental care, talking with and listening to each patient. We understand that providing the best care means understanding what is important to you and knowing what you need.

Salisbury Dental Care is QIP (Quality Innovation Performance) accredited. For private dental practices quality accreditation is voluntary. We are serious about providing high quality dental care for you, so we undergo regular assessment with QIP to ensure we meet the National Safety and Quality Health Services (NSQHS) Standards required for accreditation, giving you peace of mind about the standard of care we are providing for you.

We are Bupa Members First Platinum dentist and HCF More for Teeth Program provider. If you're eligible for Bupa Members First Platinum, you'll pay nothing for:

  • Examinations and Consults.
  • Scale and Cleans.
  • Bitewing X-Rays.
  • Mouthguards.
  • Fluoride Treatments.

For HCF More for Teeth Program, we provides no-gap preventative and diagnostic dental benefits on:

  • Examinations and consults.
  • Bitewing X rays.
  • Panoramic X Ray.
  • Scale and Cleans.
  • Fluoride Applications.
  • Mouthguards.

Some members may not receive maximum benefits depending on their level of cover and/or their available entitlements. Please give us a call or email us to talk about how we can provide you with personalised dental care.

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